A photo of Urban Sandén

👋 Hi, I'm Urban. I work on digital products.

Web developer + designer hybrid. I enjoy learning new things. I'm @urre on Twitter. I work at Sprint Works.

Projects and lab


Visual bookmarking made simple. Your favorite websites in one place.


Minimal todoapp in the browser

Kap Cloudinary New

Share on Cloudinary. Plugin for Kap, an open-source screen recorder built with web technology.

Obfuscate for Chrome New

Simple Chrome Extension that obfuscates all text on the current webpage.

Avanza Night Mode

🌙 All The Cool Kids Are Night Trading. Chrome Extension that makes Avanza easier on the eyes.

Equal As BerriesNew

Discover your next favorite lookalike

Emoji Fun 😎

Simple emoji search


Chrome Extension that makes Hemnet look better.

Trello Code Button

Not every Trello user knows their way around backticks for creating code blocks. This extension adds a new shiny button for adding code in a Trello comment.


Fun simple app for finding nice hex colors.


Top browsers used in Sweden presented in a nice way.

Obfuscate Chrome

Simple Chrome Extension that obfuscates all text on the current webpage


Alfred workflow. Grab Screenshot, upload it to Cloudinary and get back https image link in clipboard.


Having fun with Swedish evening news.


Twitter bot for Chock.press running on Heroku.


Jazz music tips.

WordPress Jazz

The Music Behind The Releases. In honor of the Jazz musicians

Album Cover Finder for WordPress.

WordPress plugin. Search album covers, set post post attachments and featured image. Saves album cover art in your media library.

Webpack setup

Webpack setup to start things up. ES6, HMR, Stylelint, Eslint, Travis, dev/prod.

Webpack setup React

Example of a simple Webpack configuration with React.


Boilerplate for getting started with Gulp.

Unsplash for Sublime Text

Use real dummy images instead of placeholders. Install via Package Control.


Friendly look and feel for browsersync.notify.

Gradvis Discontinued

A Chrome Extension which enhances the reading experience on Gradvall.se

Spotipart Discontinued

Share the best part of a song.


A collection of regexp filters for Tweetbot


Watch full length concerts from YouTube. Staytube for rainy days.